Unbeknownst to the American people, we became a conquered people after the war of Northern aggression, commonly referred to as The Civil War.


It was not a civil war.


The definition of a civil war is two or more factions fighting each other for one piece of land.


The South seceded from the Union of States and created its own country and government, the Confederate States of America.


The North fought the South to keep that from happening and to force them to be one federal government, not two nations.


During this conflict, over 620,000 Americans died. To this day, few understand why the war was initiated and what the outcome was.


The War of Northern aggression was fought to destroy the liberties of the only free people on earth at the time. The people lived, for the most part, in the several States. Those States had laws and operated under rule of law.


The war was initiated to destroy State’s rights, impose military law on the land, impose perpetual debt and implement the Reconstruction Acts on the people of the United States of America.


What we have now is an occupying military government where the will of the conqueror governs. As a result, in the ceded or subjugated territories, all laws which forbid treaty violations with foreign nations, or which forbid the granting of rank and titles are commercial privileges in conflict with the supreme Law of the Land are abrogated.


The North waged a war of aggression, and thus committed a crime against peace.


We are and have been under military occupation since 1863.


William Whiting, the solicitor general under Abraham Lincoln, in his book, War Powers under the Constitution of the United States, states: “It has been asserted that the municipal laws of the belligerent territory remain in force, ‘proprio vigore’, until altered by military orders; but, although such laws may have been tacitly adopted, or the enforcement thereof may have been permitted, it is not because these laws retained any validity ‘proprio vigore’. Their only validity was derived from the tacit or express sanction and adoption thereof by the will of the commander-in-chief of the invading army.”


We, the American People, are considered “public enemies”, “belligerents”, “hostile belligerents” and must obey the constitution, laws, or proclamations of the occupying government.


We are considered citizens of the government and the citizen subject is bound to obey the laws laid down by the government.


An alien civilian, however, owes no allegiance or obedience to the conquering government, and is not bound to obey any laws implemented by it. An alien civilian, being under no obligation of obedience, is justified in refusing such obedience. Over an alien civilian, this government can make no constitution, law, or proclamation of obligatory force, because the law of the conqueror binds only their own subjects, and those laws have no extra-territorial jurisdiction.


No laws of the conquering government will be enforced upon the enemy until they have been subjugated. “When that event takes place, whether it be the result of battles or of returning sanity of repentant madman, the army of the United States will then have actual possession of every portion of the United States and the proclamations issued by the government during the war will be secured to the inhabitants of the country.”


The Commander-in-Chief has the right, during times of war, to treat local laws as inoperative, or to adopt some and reject others; to permit the holding of courts by local authorities acting under military power of the conqueror, or to forbid them, and to substitute military courts of his own.


Having all the rights of war over the subjugated inhabitants, he has all the powers of a government de facto and de jure, and can therefore impose upon them whatever laws or regulations may suit his pleasure, in accordance with the laws of war. Congress may modify by legislation the hardship of belligerent rights.


Such are the terms and conditions of War, and those conditions are carried out by the occupying army.


We, the People of the United States of America, are tired of war.


We, the People of the United States of America, are weary of the enforced debt which has been our never-ending burden to carry.


The men, women and agencies waging war against us in our own homes, on our own homeland, have eaten out our substance with their use of war powers.


We, the People, declare the hostilities to be at an end.


We will no longer live in a warzone, and we must and we do declare peace.


We will no longer allow silent weapons for quiet wars to encroach on our unalienable rights.


We, the people, declare peace.


We declare Lincoln’s General Order 100 and the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 and all such succeeding acts of war repealed, nullified, and void.


We declare the 10/40 bond repayment at an end.


We declare the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, and all the scores of other wars perpetrated on us by the occupational government to date, repealed by this Plebiscite of Peace.


We are a Creator loving and peaceful people and we will no longer be subjugated and separated from the unalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator, the rights which have been the bedrock of this nation since the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776.


Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to the people who instituted that government and gave it just powers to operate, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.


We declare the war powers government to be abolished.


We need not itemize the long list of usurpations of our unalienable rights. We need only refer to the Declaration of Independence which enumerated the travesties which were crushing the people of this nation at that time, to know that we are enduring an even more ominous and oppressive form of tyranny now.


This war powers tyranny will not and cannot stand in the face of peace.


Therefore, we the people, declare an end to the wars which have been imposed upon us.


Further, we who are signatories of this Plebiscite, claim and declare executed, our rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.


We declare Poverty, Cancer, Terror, Drugs, and all the other war concepts the Victors.


We unconditionally surrender but concede no spoils of war to the victors for their surreptitious engagements.


We conclude these wars with this Plebiscite of the People.


We declare an end to any, and all, emergencies and will not be separated from our rights or our property from this date forward by the implementation of an emergency.


We declare the end to tyranny by what has become a democratic government and restore the Republic as the rightful form of government.


We declare that any man or woman who desires to occupy a governmental office to be bound to the Constitution of the United States of America by taking and publicly filing an Article VI oath  before assuming the duties of that office.


We declare any, and all, debts which have been accumulated in our name to be extinguished.


And just as those noble men who came before us, we rely on the protection of Divine Providence, and we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.


The people have spoken, so it shall be done.


Since this is an official direct vote of the people, an address is required.